Mecatronic Connection & Plastronic Connection aim at gathering together contractors and suppliers in the field of mechatronics and/or plastronics, in the same place to promote technology transfer. The event is based on the concept of thematic conferences, B2B meetings and innovation workshops.


B2B meetings:

From 30 to 40 minutes, the B2B meetings are pre-organized targeted interviews. With duration of 30 minutes each, these interviews are a first getting in touch to consider future partnerships. To optimize the relevance of your B2B meetings, the complete listing of the participating companies is sent to you a few weeks before the event; it describes the technical skills of the suppliers / exhibitors and the whole of the projects of the contractors/visitors.



They are organized in parallel to the B2B meetings. With duration of 30 minutes each, they help you to understand the latest mechatronics and plastronics technological innovations and market development.


FabLab :

Presentation of a demonstrator to participate to the design and manufacturing of an hybrid, combining 2 plastronics technologies (LDS-LPKF  technology and tampography technology).